Development Programme
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Do you have pupils that are becoming disengaged from their learning?

Are they becoming distant or unwilling to communicate with teachers or peers?

Are there pupils that need a boost in self-confidence and esteem?

Do you have pupils that are struggling with social and emotional issues?

10 sessions of adventurous outdoor activities spread over a term will take pupils out of their comfort zones both physically and mentally offering them many brand new challenges. Our experienced and fully qualified instructors ensure that tasks are set to stretch pupils, whilst still being achievable, to ensure maximum learning and self-esteem gains.

WinG supply all staff, travel and equipment. The pupils need only turn up in sensible clothing (we will advise) and with a lunch and drink.

Paperwork for the school is kept to a minimum and we will supply any risk assessments necessary and provide reports and evaluation on pupil’s progress.

Feedback from previous programmes


“A huge thank you to all involved for giving (my son) a chance to be more independant and show what he is capable of. The scheme gave him a good contrast to academic effort.” – Parent

“We recognise that learning outside of the curriculum is an essential part for our learners, which brings learning to life thruogh some different learning experiences… the strength of the programme is not anly in the personal development of the children, but it is in the acquisition of skills and the rapport with the instructors that makes it so worth while.” – Head teacher

For more information or to discuss how we can best work with your pupils please contact us via any of the methods shown on our Contact Us page.

Our Personal Development Programme specialises in helping young people to

Re-engage in their learning
Improve their communication skills
Improve their self-confidence and esteem
Improve their teamwork