The following testimonials are a small selection of some of the feedback we receive.

Young person, originally a member of a youth organisation using WinG who later signed up, as an individual, to the WinG Open DofE Scheme

“I’ve done my Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh awards with WinG and have enjoyed every minute!

I have learnt so much from all of the instructors; not just outdoor skills, but also teamwork, motivation, problem solving and leadership skills. These skills are already proving useful to me and I know they will help me in my future life.

The residential courses and expeditions can be really tough but the instructors are really supportive and they all make sure that the whole environment is fun and friendly.

I was gutted when I completed my Gold award because I knew that I had no more expeditions to do with WinG.The Duke of Edinburgh Award Logo

I cannot recommend WinG, their staff and their services highly enough!”

Head teacher of a school participating in the WinG Development Programme

Pupils from Year 7 and Year 8 are chosen to participate in WinG’s programme to help with a variety of issues; building self–esteem, improving teamwork, developing aspirations, motivation, improving better communication between peers and staff, meeting targets and challenges and developing organisational skills. Pupils are given tailored, achievable yet challenging activities designed to build self-esteem. Each activity has clear aims set by the leaders and each week pupils discuss how well the objectives have been met.

Weekly reports are shared with the school so that any positive or negative comments can be reinforced by the Head Teacher and Head of Year.

Improved confidence can be seen in the classroom. Attendance is excellent. In past years general attendance has improved. This year all 8 pupils have more than 90%, 5 have more than 95% and 2 have 100%. Development iconMost notable is child A who has a very difficult home background and poor attendance in Year 6 & Year 7 but now has 100% so far this year.

Adult participants in WinG targeted courses

“It was fun to meet new people and take part in activities such as gorge walking, kayaking, canoeing, walking and rock climbing. These activities helped me to feel confident... The course was very inspiring to me, as now I want to keep walking and exercising around Gateshead countryside to help me towards a healthier lifestyle.

I benefited from this course massively....I’m in early recovery 9 months clean and sober. My life has changed dramatically within 11 months...I’m now taking up walking for a hobby.”

Sister of an adult participant in a WinG targeted course

“My brother had led a turbulent life over the last few years with some serious health problems; his marriage, home and job had all been lost. Things seemed to be going from bad to worse but I can honestly say that for the first time in over a year I’m feeling positive that he can get back on the right track.

Thank you so much for the difference you have made, it is difficult to say just how much but please know that it was the perfect course for my brother at just the right time.”

Parent of a student that took part in the WinG Development Programme

Development icon“‘R’ did several new activities at WinG. These activities have given her the confidence to repeat the tasks with her dad. In particular she now likes going on long nature walks.

‘R’ prior to WinG found it difficult to communicate with new adults. Now she is happy to talk and answer questions...

‘R’ is now happy to try new stretching activities. Instead of just stating “I cannot do this” she offers suggestions on how to do it”

If you or a group representative wishes to add a testimonial then feel free to contact us using any of the details supplied on our Contact Us page. Just tell us what activity you took part in and why you considered writing to us. We will then consider your request for publication here.